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Communication is still considered to be the top reason for project failure. Ineffective communication or the lack thereof are the enemies of change, no matter how small or large. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is to equate Communication with Change Management. In this post, I will address key differences between the two, and how we should apply them both when managing change.

1. Communication is only one aspect of change management. Change management encompasses more than Communication.It also includes stakeholder engagement, training, resistance management, coaching, sponsorship, understanding change readiness and capacity to absorb change.  complex because of the many layers of change involved, from the individual, team and organization levels. If communications were the only key to success, then there wouldn’t be as many failures. Therefore, when leading a project, the change management approach should be holistic and comprehensive in nature.

2. The aim of Communication is to change perspectives, while the aim of Change management is to change behavior. Communications should focus on the why, what, when, and how as it relates to the change involved. The best communications are timely, targeted and transparent. Communication strategies and plans should be developed to provide awareness and understanding of the change involved.

3. Communication is informational, while Change management is transformational. Communications and Change management work hand in hand to achieve successful outcomes. Communication is an event, while Change management is a journey. When you understand the difference and maximize the value of both, the results will be sustainable
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