Bridging the gap between Project Management and Change Management

Change Management, Project Management
Change management is a hot topic these days. At the heart of every project, lies the inherent benefits and challenges associated with change. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to recognize the importance of integrating the disciplines of project management and change management. Project managers are the most equipped change agents because we are on the front lines of change. There are 3 things every PM should know about change management while leading projects: #1 Change management begins at the project initiation phase, not the execution phase. All too often, change management is an after-thought. While it is not possible to design the change management plan without the details, the change management strategy can begin as soon as the project is formally initiated. Project teams should assess the change readiness of the organization, and develop the…
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5 Keys to Project Closure Success

Project Management
  Projects don't last forever, and the project manager's role doesn't either. Both are temporary endeavors with a beginning and an end. While initiating projects can be a challenge, closing or transitioning a project can be extremely difficult. A major obstacle to closing successfully is the transition of ownership from the PM to the business owner(s). The business owner is the person or team that will own the process or product after implementation. What makes the transfer of 'ownership' such a challenge for PMs? The culprit usually lies in the way project was initiated. How can we ensure a smooth transition when the project ends? Here are 5 things PMs can do to make it happen: (more…)
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